Autorsha Dance Challenge

Autorsha is here!

Autorsha might sound unusual for the name of a film, but for the common man it means the most affordable transport option. Autorsha is the colloquial rendering of the word Auto Rickshaw and this is exactly what the film is. It reflects the dreams, angsts, pains, complaints and joys of the man on the street. A lot of communication happens while they travel in this three-wheeler, which is a mezzanine existence between an intensely personal two-wheeler and a cozy four wheeler. The film follows Anitha, the only woman autorickshaw driver in the stand at Chandappera in Kannur, her co-drivers, passengers and exciting characters she meets on her daily trips. On the whole, the film is a cross-section of the many lives that remain entwined to each other, making the matrix of our simple society.

Autorsha Dance Challenge

Welcome dancers,

" Yes, the journey you took learning and practicing dancing has took you here. Let's rock now! "

So let's talk. Autorsha is offering a unique opportunity for the dancer inside you. Find the lyrical video of the song 'Chandappura krithy, alankrithy' from the movie Autorsha that we have attached in this page, listen to it, choreograph it with all your talent, shoot your performance and send it to autorsha@larvaclub.com or to our facebook page, Autorsha, before November 15th, 2018. The top performance from the lot will be casted and will be shown during the end titles of the movie and the winner will be awarded with more bumper prizes as well. Let the dancer inside you wake up now. It's time. Lift yourself up and hit the dance floor now. Your performance could become a part of the entire history of malayalam cinema through Autorsha. Hurry up, don't wait anymore. Autorsha is here.

Note this
The date is very much important. Don't forget to send your video before November 15th, 2018